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  Mowing - Manor house grounds short grass works.   Mowing - Manor house grounds short grass works.   Mowing - Staff training on a compact fast growing lawn!   Mowing - Winter works to even-up grass growth and mulch the last of the fallen leaves.  
  Mowing - Sloped lawn mowed and edge strimmed.   Flail Mower - Efficiently cutting a lush area of grass left unattended.   Flail Mower - Long grass cut to allow fitament of tree guards.   Flail Mower - Extremely thick annually cut areas of long grass being tackled.  
  Flail Mower - Yearly cut of nature garden.   Power Brush - Snow removal from a sloped access - a snow plough is also available to remove deeper coverings on an initial pass.   Leaf Clearing - Billy Goat Multi Surface machine fitted with lance clearing thick accumulation from garden and beds.   No Image  
  Power Brush - Periodic sweeping to remove build-up of dirt on driveway entrance.   Power Brush - Synthetic tennis court surface swept to remove moss and debris before being redressed with sharp sand.   Power Brush - New life given to an old tennis court surface with the sweeper removing moss and dirt accumulated over a few years.   Hedge Cutting - Getting an overgrown hedge back in order on a foggy November day.  
  Shredder - Pile of cut laurel hedging to be processed with the shredded waste to be used as a mulch in due course.   Shredder - Tree brash processed in a confined garden - chippings can either be used as a mulch or disposed of as shown.   Shredder - Tree brash processed directly to site - this time spread around hazel shoots to block weed and ivy intrusion.   No Image  
  No Image   No Image   Lawn Care - Moss and thatch lifted from a large lawn.   Lawn Care - Moss and thatch lifted from a large lawn...waste half removed at this point.  
  Tree Works - Dealing with an uprooted tree creating firewood for the landowner.   Tree Works - Removing a mature leylandii blown over onto a wall.   Tree Works - Leylandii blown over onto the wall now dealt with...usable remnants stacked for the residents own burner.   Tree Works - Chainsaw action on a large very old Oak that had fallen, reinstating resident road access - associate tree specialist Craig getting stuck in!  
  Cultivation - Series of raised beds weeded and power cultivated ready for planting.   Gardening Works - General thinning, weeding and cultivation of border.   Hedge Works - Series of miniatuare box hedges cut.   Gardening Works - Holly hedge bed freshly edged, weeded and mulched.  
  Signwriting Service - Warning logos produced and fitted to power harrow.   Signwriting Service - Produced and fitted logos for The Conant Farming Company on John Deere 7530 tractor.   Signwriting Service - Produced and fitted logos to John Deere Gator 855D for The Conant Farming Company.   Signwriting Service - 'Discreet' logos for an indiscreet Case Quadtrac 540...!  
  Signwriting Service - Logos just fitted to the freshly imported Mitsubishi Minicab pickup!   Signwriting Service - Logos produced and fitted on the side of the Manitou telehandler for The Conant Farming Company.   No Image   No Image  
  No Image   Agriculture - Nightime stores work getting the bumper wheat harvest safely away!   It's a dogs life...Tara fast asleep whilst on slug pellet spreading duties!   Agriculture - Slug pellet spreading...the end of a long muddy day on recently drilled winter wheat fields.  
  Agriculture - Early start slug pellet spreading at Bulwick...superb sunrise through the mist.   Agriculture - Store works in Lyndon...a shed full of oil seed rape levelled off and ready for cooling.   Agriculture - Rolling a freshly sown winter wheat seedbed at Bulwick Home Farm.   Riks Mitsubishi Minicab on the banks of Rutland Water.  
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